Frequently asked questions

Please ready through the faqs for answer to your questions . We have not replaced the term of use with this faqs.

Is SUBWAY LUNCHES available at your school ?
Go to home page “select your school from right hand side school’s options.if you can’t see your school on the listed school,feel free to contact us by email:-

Who will be supplying your subway lunches ?
SUBWAY RIALTO will deliver your order at your school when you select the selected subs from the order options.

How do I know about my order confirmation?
Once you have placed the order via order menu and paid for it,you will receive confirmation email on your confirmed signed up email addresses that your order has been placed.

Are my credit card/account details are secure?
We have tied up with secured system providers to take care of your credit card details in secure manner. We are not holding any of your credit card and account details on our system.

Incase of lost password ? what do you need to do ?
Click on the “Forget your Password” and an email will be sent on your present or current email address.

What happen if lunches are not delivered ?
If your lunch order do not arrive at the mentioned timings, the school can directly call to our subway rialto store newmarket. (0211090879, 09-5202299)

Who and how can place the order ?
Parents, guardian can place the order for students by selecting their schools from home menu.You must have an internet connection to take an advantage of online order facilities.

Can lunches be cancelled ?
Order can’t be cancel once you processed through online order system. You can’t cancel the order through website . Please ring (0211090879, 09-5202299) on store number for further details and actions.

Are we holding any account balance ?
We have made this program very easy for the parents and customers who will use the lunches facilities with us . We are not holding any future payments and any account balance.

When you can order ?
This is very important to know, you can order in the morning before 9 am.Make a reminder in your phone pay for your lunch online. we are not holding any future dates orders at the moment. It’s very simple pay for your same day lunch order.